Avocado Banana Dates Smoothie

This recipe of creamy, healthy and energy packed smoothie is a blend of avocado, banana and dates with no added sugar!! This smoothie keeps you full for a long time!!

When it comes to avocado, they are rich in healthy fats and fiber. They are good for healthy eyes, digestion, heathy pregnancy and to reverse fatty liver condition too. It also prevents cancer and helps in anti-aging.

Loaded with healthy fats, studies show that eating avocados thrice a week can increase the chance of conceiving in women because it plays a role in estrogen production and hormonal balance.

Regarding bananas, they are rich in potassium, fiber, iron,Vitamin B6 etc… Eating bananas help to reduce the stress, increases the brain power and helps in digestion too. They are high in energy.

So both avocado and banana mixed together with dates is a perfect energy, nutrient packed breakfast smoothie!!


The below quantity can make 3 full glasses of smoothies

  • Ripened avocado- 2
  • Banana- 1 ( frozen banana also can be used)
  • Dates- 3 big or 6 small soaked in hot water.
  • Milk- 1 and a half glass


Clean the avocado well and remove the skin of it and use the flesh inside. Soak the dates in hot water for an hour. Remove the seed from the dates. Peel the skin off the banana.

Take a blender and blend avocado, banana, dates along with milk. Chilled milk can be used for good result.


  • Almond milk can be used in place of plain milk too.