Chicken sausage Dosa- 3 types of making

Chicken sausages are liked by everyone at home. They are easy and requires much less time to cook. They are very tasty too and nowadays it’s available everywhere.

Normally I used to roast chicken sausage for kids. Then I started to cook it in Indian way like how we make chicken masala. It tastes very good and it is an excellent side dish for chapathi, dosa, sambhar rice, rasam rice, curd rice, lemon rice etc..,

When it can be a best side dish for dosa, it can always be stuffed inside dosa to ‘chicken sausage dosa’. This is the idea behind the combination of South Indian dosa and Chicken sausage cooked in South Indian style.

I have shown three ways of making it- plain chicken sausage dosa, egg chicken sausage dosa and cheese chicken sausage dosa. Please follow the step-by-step pictures along with explanation.

This chicken sausage dosa tastes very good when eaten alone. Chutney, any variety of raita can be also be used as a side dish for chicken sausage dosa.

I have made an easy and healthy ladies finger raita as a side dish for this. My chithi taught me to make it in an easy way during hectic times. It can be used as a side dish for chapathi too. If anyone wants the recipe for it, let me know.

Now let’s see the recipe of chicken sausage dosa.


  • Dosa batter- to make 9 dosa
  • Chicken sausage- 4
  • Onion- 1 big ( finely chopped, 1 full cup)
  • Tomato- 1 cup( finely chopped)
  • Ginger garlic paste- 1 tbsp
  • Chilli powder with coriander powder mix- 1 tsp
  • Pepper seeds- 1 tsp ( should be roasted and grinded to powder)
  • Fenugreek seeds- 1 tsp ( should be roasted and grinded to powder)
  • Green chilli- 1 ( finely chopped)
  • Curry leaves- 8
  • Turmeric powder- 1/4th tsp
  • Salt- as needed
  • Coriander leaves- 3 tbsp.


  • Egg , grated cheese or cheese slice.


Dry roast pepper seeds and fenugreek seeds and grind them into fine powder. Keep it separate.

Slice the chicken sausage to small circles like the above.
Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan. Add green chilli and finely chopped onion. Saute till it is translucent.
Add ginger garlic paste and saute till the raw smell of ginger garlic goes away. Then add the curry leaves.
Then add the finely chopped tomatoes and saute till they become soft & mushy.
Once tomatoes turn mushy, add chilli powder with coriander powder mix, fenugreek powder, pepper powder, turmeric powder and salt.
Once the masala gets mixed, add the finely sliced chicken sausage.
Mix it well.
Add little water to mix everything together. Do not add more water because if the gravy becomes watery, it cannot be stuffed inside dosa. Add required water to mix everything.
Close it with lid on top and cook it for 4 to 5 minutes in medium flame.
Once opened. Wait for the gravy to get thick enough to be stuffed inside dosa. Chicken sausage will get cooked by now.
Garnish with coriander leaves. This can be served as an excellent side dish too.

1. Plain Chicken Sausage Dosa:

Heat and spread 1 tbsp oil in a dosa pan and sprinkle some water on top. Wait for it to evaporate. This sets the uniform temperature for spreading dosa batter. Keep the flame in low. Spread the dosa batter now in circular motion and sprinkle some oil on top and around the edges. Repeat it when making dosa everytime.
Cover it with a lid on top and cook for some seconds.
Once opened the lid, you could see the top surface of dosa cooked. Pour some oil around the corners of dosa. Keep 2 tbsp of chicken sausage stuffing in the center as shown above.
Roll it from one side as shown above. The final picture to roll all the types of dosa will be shown below.

Egg Chicken Sausage Dosa:

Take one egg and break it in a bowl. Whisk it with a spoon.
Repeat the above process in making dosa and once the top surface gets little cooked, spread egg on top surface and close it with a lid. Cook for 20 seconds in low flame. Egg will get cooked fast. Pour little oil around the corners of dosa.
Keep 2 tbsp of chicken sausage stuffing in center and close it like above. Final pic will be shown below.

3. Cheese Chicken Sausage Dosa:

Repeat the above process of making plain dosa. Once opening the lid, pour little oil around the corners of dosa. Use required grated cheese or cheese slice and cover the top surface of dosa. Keep 2 tbsp of chicken sausage stuffing in the center and start rolling the dosa.
Roll to one side.
Then roll all the dosa finally like this. Whole cooking process is in low flame.


  • Use sesame oil for good taste.