Cream Cheese Frosting

Making cream cheese frosting at home is quite easy!! Having an ideal balance between sweetness and tanginess, one could rate it to top-5 favourite icing recipes😊

Cream cheese frosting is a baking classic which can be made with just 4 ingredients at home – cream cheese, heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla essence. The frosting can be used on carrot cake, red velvet cake, pumpkin spice cake and many other cake, muffin recipes etc..,

When you understand the whole process, making of the frosting is so easy. It will explain it in simple words though you could see it in step-by-step pictures below.

Just combine the cream cheese and powdered sugar along with vanilla essence in a bowl using an electric hand mixer till it is combined well and becomes creamy, lump-free. Then in a separate bowl beat fresh cream to stiff peak. This consistency of stiff peak should be attained. The third step is to fold the cream to the cream cheese mixture. Cream cheese frosting is ready!

Easy right!! The trick is to get the right stiff peak consistency with the fresh cream. This is the key that the frosting takes the desired shape of the piping bag. One more is to use the original cream cheese. Don’t go for low-fat/light one’s or the icing will turn watery.

With these simple steps and instructions, we can make a bakery-style sweet, tangy cream cheese frosting at home❤


Everything written on the packet below is in Danish.

The below quantity mentioned is enough to do icing inbetween the layers and on top of 1 kg. cake.

  • Cream cheese- 400 gms.
  • Powdered sugar- 150 gms.
  • Heavy Fresh cream- 250 ml.
  • Vanilla essence- 1 tsp.


Take cream cheese in a bowl. Add icing sugar in two parts.
Start beating both using electric hand beater. Start from low speed and then increase the speed gradually.
Add the rest of icing sugar slowly. Combine everything together.
Add vanilla essence and combine everything using electric hand beater till it is combined well, creamy and lump-free.
Cream cheese mixture is ready. Keep it separate.
To beat the heavy cream, take a glass bowl placed on top of ice cubes with another outer big bowl.
Start beating the heavy cream. When beating, always start from low speed and increase the speed gradually.
It starts to get thick.
This is the medium peak consistency picture which I clicked when making tiramisu. Just inserted that picture here for showing the difference.
Beat it further. After this consistency, the stiff peak can be attained in anytime.
This is the stiff peak consistency. The cream will stand stiff. Normally it takes somewhere inbetween 2and a half to 3 minutes to get this consistency.
Now fold in the heavy cream with cream cheese mixture using spatula gradually and gently.
Ready. See it stands stiff.
This icing can be used inbetween or on top of cakes. It takes the shape of piping bag.
A cake covered with cream cheese frosting.
Check the icing inbetween and on top.


I would like to add the below tips:

  • Use original, full-fat cream cheese.
  • Do not decrease the quantity of powdered sugar further. The quantity in the ingredients is very accurate. If you want, you can add extra 10 gms. of powdered sugar.
  • Heavy cream should attain stiff peak.
  • You can fill the icing in the piping bag and refrigerate for 20 minutes to get perfect, excellent results.
  • This frosting can be stored in refrigerator for a week and can be frozen in freezer bags for upto 2 months. When you are ready to use it, thaw it overnight in refrigerator , bring to normal room temperature, mix well before using it.
  • Cream cheese melts easily. Make sure to maintain the temperature of the room not hot when making the frosting.
  • Apart from electric hand beater, kitchen aid can be used to make the frosting.