Homemade Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a hot drink, also called as ‘drinking chocolate’ or ‘drinking cocoa’ which originated from Mesoamerica, a cultural area and historical region in North America.

Hot chocolate is a comforting warm drink which refreshes and soothes the soul!! A perfect winter drink!! Making hot chocolate at home gives heavenly feeling with kitchen smelling wonderful.

Will you trust me, if I say that making hot chocolate at home doesn’t take much steps or ingredients or time? The process is so simple and the result is an excellent hot drinking cocoa in your hands😊

All you need is milk, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, sugar and vanilla essence. A pan to boil milk, whisk to mix along with ingredients mentioned above makes glasses of soul-satisfying, mouth-watering, heavenly hot chocolate!!

My kids normally like hot chocolate and whenever we visit cafes, they used to have it there. It was one winter evening at home, I got an idea to make them at home. The Covid situation and weather outside could be the reason.

My kids found them more creamy, delicious than the café one; in fact my daughter licked every drop of it. I wanted to share the hot chocolate with my neighbours too. They found it excellent and wanted me to share the recipe. It is worth sharing the recipe here!!

Though there are many variations in making hot chocolate, the recipe I have shared today is very creamy without adding cream to it. Dark chocolate added makes it creamy. If you want, you can add 2 tbsp of fresh cream to it but it is not required.

Hot chocolate tastes good when topped with grated chocolate or marshmallows or whipped cream. Let us check the recipe now❤


1 cup= 210 to 220 ml.

The below quantity gives 3 big cups of hot chocolate.

  • Milk- 3 cups ( use thick milk, I used 1.5 percent fat milk)
  • Cocoa powder- 3 tbsp
  • Sugar- 3 tbsp
  • Grated dark chocolate/ dark chocolate cubes- 3/4th cup
  • Vanilla essence- 1 tsp.


Start by boiling the milk in a pan. Keep the flame in medium low flame.
Add the cocoa powder and sugar.
Now start to whisk it continously in medium low flame.
Whisk it continuous so that it dissolves completely and no lumps formed. Keep the flame in medium low.
Both the cocoa powder and sugar has dissolved completely.
Now add the dark chocolate cubes.

Whisk it continuously in medium low flame till it dissolves completely.
Add 1 tsp of vanilla essence.
Let the milk boil completely now. Switch off the flame.
Pour it in cups to serve.
Can be served with shaved chocolate on top.
Can be served with marshmallows too.
It’s creamy!!


  • 2 tbsp of cream can be added to the milk if you want it to be more creamy. But the recipe I have shared is enough creamy.
  • Use thick milk. I used 1.5 percent fat milk.
  • Use unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • Whisking continuous till dissolved in medium low flame is important.
  • You can substitute sugar with sweetener too. The quantity of sugar can be increased or decreased as per your taste. The quantity I mentioned is perfect.
  • Use good quality cocoa powder and dark chocolate for better results.