Kothamalli Thokku/ ( Coriander Leaves Pickle)

Kothamalli thokku is a spicy, tangy and aromatic variety of thogayal which can be used as a side dish for rice. It can also be used as a main dish by mixing it directly with hot rice.

This is the South Indian style of making. The recipe I have shared below is my Perimma’s ( my mom’s sister) way of making it. She makes it very tasty. She makes this thogayal frequently, so that whenever I visit her place this is always there along with food. Iam a die hard fan of this thogayal!!

Very limited ingredients are required for this recipe. It is very easy to make. All you need is little patience!!

Coriander leaves help to lower cholesterol , good for digestion, promote liver function, prevent eye disease, stimulate the memory etc.., Totally coriander leaves are health packed greens. Including them in daily food is very good for health.

Though it can be used as a main dish along with rice, it can also be used as a side dish for sambhar rice, rasam rice, curd rice etc.., It can be also used along with chapati, dosa or as a spread inbetween the sandwiches.

This thokku can be made and stored in an airtight container. It can be kept in refrigerator for upto 10 days. So it can be used when needed.

To check the recipe video, pls click the link below:

Let us jump into the recipe❤


  • Coriander leaves- 3 large bunch
  • Red Chilli- 18 ( if you want it to be more spicy, you can use 20)
  • Garlic- 2 full
  • Tamarind- lemon sized( without seeds, the quantity as shown above)
  • Salt- as needed.


Clean the coriander leaves well. Remove the roots and the stem portion closer to the roots as it is very thick.

Chop the remaining portion of coriander leaves and keep it ready.
Remove the skin from the garlic. Keep both the garlic pods and red chilli ready.
Pour three tbsp of sesame oil in a pan. Immediately add the red chillies and garlic pods. Add it before the oil gets heated up.
Saute it in medium flame till the red chillies turn crisp and garlic turn color.
Remove from the oil once done and keep it separate.
Use the leftover oil from sauting red chillies and garlic pods. You can add 1 more tbsp of sesame oil. Now add the chopped coriander leaves to it. Turn the flame to medium.
The leaves will start to get cooked and it will shrink in size. Saute it for 1 more minute.
Now switch off the flame. Add the tamarind in pieces to the hot coriander so that tamarind turns soft. Remove the seeds if any in tamarind. Stir it together. Let it cool down to room temperature.
These are the ingredients we are going to grind. Let them cool down to normal room temperature.
Now move everything to a mixer jar. Give it a grind. Do not add water.
Start mixing it with a spoon and grind till it comes to a smooth paste consistency. Do not add water. Repeat the process of grinding and mixing with the spoon.
Grinded to a smooth paste. This consistency should be reached.
Now take 150 ml. of sesame oil.
Heat it in a pan or kadai.
Add the grinded smooth paste to the heated oil. Keep the flame in low.

Mix it well. The flame is in low.
Add little water to the mixer jar and wipe out all the left out smooth coriander paste. Adjust the salt if needed.

Cover it with a lid so that it doesn’t sprinkle outside. Cook it in low flame by stirring now and then or it will stick to the bottom.The color will start to change slowly. It should turn to very dark color. This will take 30 to 40 minutes cooking in low flame. I cooked it for 40 minutes.
Stirring now and then is required. Cover it with a lid. I will show below, how the color changes.

Oil will start to separate near the corners.
It should reach this dark consistency. It will separate itself from the corners of the kadai. Switch off the flame now.
Move it to a bowl. It rolls itself from the kadai.


  • Small portion of jaggery can be added to stabilise the tanginess if you would prefer. I didn’t use it.
  • Using sesame oil gives good taste.
  • Store it in a closed container for upto 1 to 2 months in refrigerator. Use dry spoon to take it out.