Moong dal- Urad dal idli

Iam really very happy to bring protein-packed, iron-packed idli recipe made out of moong dal and urad dal- Yes, no rice idli!! Very healthy and tasty indeed!!

Undoubtedly, we all know it’s a healthy version. When it comes to taste, these idlis are so tasty, soft and fluffy at the same time which will be liked by everyone at home😊

Urad dal and moong dal are widely used in Indian cuisines and across the World to prepare many healthier recipes.

Urad dal is rich in iron and is highly recommended for women. It also acts as an energy booster which helps to keep a person active.

Moong dal is an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre which helps to control hunger thus limiting the calorie intake. So it helps in weight reduction too.

In addition to the health, both urad dal and moong dal helps for good skin and hair. So adding them both to the diet regularly has many benefits.

This idli is very good for diabetic patients as there is no rice included here. Infact it is very simple and easy to make!! It goes well with all varieties of chutney, sambhar, idli podi etc..,

I have explained the process completely with step-by-step pictures. Please go through it carefully❤


1 cup= 200 ml.

  • Green Moong dal- 1 cup
  • Urad dal- 1 cup
  • Fenugreek seeds- 1/2 tsp
  • Salt- as needed.


Clean moong dal and urad dal well with water. Soak moong dal in water for 3 to 4 hours. Add fenugreek seeds to urad dal and soak it for 2 hours.
After soaking both moong dal and urad dal.
Move them both into mixer jar along with fenugreek seeds leaving back the water. Add water only as required to grind and bring it to a smooth, thick batter in idli batter consistency. Note: If u have cleaned both the dal nicely with water and then soaked, you can use the same water used for soaking, to grind them. Otherwise use water from tap to grind them.
Batter is ready now.

Add salt as required and mix the batter well with hand. Adding salt before fermenting doesn’t help in fermentation process but it gives a good texture to the batter after fermentation. So add salt and mix everything well with hand. Keep it aside.
Leave it undisturbed for 6 hours or overnight to ferment.
After overnight, it is fermented well.

See the texture of the batter.
Grease the idli plates well with oil and pour the idli batter in each mould.
Pour little water in the idli pot /cooker or any pot used to steam idlis and heat it. Keep the idli stand inside. Close the top of the idli pot with a lid and cook it for 10 to 13 minutes in medium flame or till it is cooked completely. If steaming in pressure cooker, do not use whistle.
After it is cooked, open the lid and take the idli stand out. Idlis are cooked completely. Let it cool.
Use a spoon around the corners of the idli to take them out of the idli plate. Ready.

It is very soft.


  • Use sesame oil to grease the idli moulds.
  • Any vegetable or onion, ginger, green chilli, curry leaves can be chopped and added to the batter to make them in different tastes.