Nuts Kozhukattai

Nuts Kozhukattai is one of my recent try which has become hit in my family. I love nuts and I like to try it out in all my recipes in different ways. One such finding is this!!

I am a great lover of Kozhukattai and my kids too!! I make it regularly at home. I wanted to use some stuffing/filling other than chana dal, coconut and jaggery. There came the idea of nuts as I add nuts to most of my cake recipes!!

I have taken equal quantity of badam, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts in this recipe. You can select your own variety of nuts or use only one nut instead of many varieties.

I have roasted the nuts first. Then chopped them to small pieces and added it. Instead of chopping if you would like to grind it to coarse, you can or the nuts can be powdered too. But chopping the nuts to small pieces gives crunchiness in every bite😊

Regarding jaggery, the one I used was without impurities. So I grinded it to powder and added. If the jaggery you use has impurities, add little water, boil it and filter before using.

Kozhukattai is very famous during Ganesh Chathurthi, a festival for Lord Ganesha in India and you can try this recipe during that time or as a snack for evening time. It is very healthy as we are steaming them❤


1 cup= 200 ml.

  • Rice flour- 2 cups
  • Nuts- 3/4th cup
  • Coconut- 1/2 cup
  • Jaggery- 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder- 1/4th tsp
  • Ghee- 1 tsp plus 1 tbsp
  • Salt- 1/8th tsp.


Dry roast 3/4th cup of nuts in a pan till they turn crisp in medium flame. Do not burn them. Let it cool down a little.
Cut the nuts to very small pieces. These nuts can be grinded to coarse in a mixer jar or can be powdered too if you would prefer.
Take 2 cups of rice flour in a bowl. Add salt.
Add warm water little by little and start making dough. Add water only as needed.
Add 1 tsp of ghee to it.
Bind everything together to make a dough without cracks. Cover it and keep it separate for sometime.
Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan. Add the grated coconut and roast till you get aroma from coconut.
Then add the powdered jaggery. Jaggery will start to melt. Bind it along with coconut.
Then add the chopped nits. Mix everything together.
Add 1/4th tsp of cardamom powder. Mix it together.
Let the nuts cool down a little.
Apply oil in hands. Take a small portioned ball from the dough.
Flatten the ball with the other hand without crack in the middle.
Keep a spoon full of filling in the center of the dough.
Start folding it from the corners as shown below.

Roll it on the top to close the Kozhukattai with the other hand. Repeat the process to finish the rest.
Kozhukattais can also be rolled as balls.
These kozhukattais can be steamed in a steamer. Idli cooker can also be used for steaming. Grease the idli stand with oil.
Keep Kozhukattai on each mould.
Keep the Kozhukattai in the top idli stand. Leave the remaining stand free.
Cover the idli cooker. Do not put the whistle. Steam for 8 to 9 minutes.
It’s cooked proper now. Do not overcook or it might become hard.


  • Half cup of nuts can be used instead of three-fourth. Three-fourth cup of jaggery too can be used.
  • Go through the process step-by-step.