Rose Milk

Rose milk is an aromatic, Indian cold milk drink made with rose essence to quench your thirst during hot summer days- A refreshing summer drink!!

A big mug of Indian style rose milk is pleasant to have in the morning or before bed as a soothing drink. Every sip of this Indian beverage gives you immense pleasure with the pleasant rose flavour.

Rose milk takes me back to my childhood memories. I used to have a great liking towards this drink and my dad gets it for me every now and then. Following me, my son Vedant also has a great liking for rose milk and my dad used to get for him nowadays.

This recipe is developed by my son, Vedant out of his love towards rose milk and he has made them quite number of times. The recipe is so simple that you can make them in large quantity, store in refrigerator for later use.

Now let’s check how to prepare this flavourful, make-ahead, perfect welcoming drink for guests and ofcourse for you too!!


To prepare 4 to 5 glasses of rose milk:
Rose water- 1 tsp
Red food colour- 3/4th tsp
Sugar- 1 cup
water- 3/4th cup
Boiled&chilled milk- as needed.


Keep stirring.

Add rose water.

Ready to serve.


Tastes great when served chilled.

Rose milk essence can be prepared and refrigerated for weeks.