Beetroot Carrot Juice

When it gets too hot outside, juice is one among the most needed drink in every family to refresh immediately.

Juicing is basically a quick and easy way to get loads of nutrients into your body except for the fiber mostly.

Other than fruit juices, vegetable juices are the way to get maximum nutrients consumed by everyone.

When it comes to beetroot and carrot, they are the best among the vegetables for juice and salads. They both have enormous health benefits and a juice out of it is full of benefits for the body.

Loaded with vitamins, beta- carotene, folic acid, iron etc., this beetroot carrot juice helps for healthy digestion, to reduce pain in muscles after exercise, to increase the stamina, to cleanse the liver and purify the blood, to keep the skin soft, glowing and youthful.

This combination of beetroot, carrot and lemon is called the”Miracle drink” and it is very good to consume daily or atleast thrice in a week.

Only 4 steps to be followed in making this juice: clean, cut, blend and strain.


For making one glass of juice:

  • Beetroot- 1
  • Carrot- 1
  • Lemon- 1/2
  • Ginger- 1/2 inch
  • Honey- 1 tbsp (optional)
  • Black salt- little (optional)


Clean all the vegetables well in water and cut them into small slices.

Add the sliced vegetables into blender along with ginger and lemon juice. Add 200 ml of cold water and blend them together .
Now strain the mixture with a sieve or fine cheesecloth to make juice out of it. If you want to add either honey or black salt, it can be added now. But I didn’t add anything because it tastes very good without adding anything extra to it.

Ready to serve. Tastes good when served cold.


  • This juice can be served as smoothie too if not strained. In this way, fiber intake is made sure.
  • The original taste of the vegetables with ginger and lemon is good.
  • This juice can be made in juicer too.