Bread Cheese Omelette

Bread Cheese Omelette is an easy, tasty, healthy breakfast that can be made with very less ingredients. It has many variations in making though all the ways are quite simple and takes no time.

In my family, mostly everyone like eggs and bread. They mostly have sandwiches in morning. So making it in different ways is going to make the whole day energetic and happy!!

Here I remember, “Breakfast is the brain food”. So make it nutritious with eggs. Eggs are rich in protein and makes you feel full for a long time which leads to the lower intake of calories over the course of the day.

We normally started using rug bread recently and my kids are also used to it. So I have used rug bread to make the sandwich. But you can select the type of bread, you would prefer.

There is no chopping the veggies or cleaning much the utensils after making it. It is quite simple and quick to make.

We are going to make the sandwich in a different way by making omelette first and stuffing the omelette in between the bread slices along with cheese. This method makes it more interesting.

An ideal recipe for breakfast or a snack in the evening along with tea/coffee🥪


  • Eggs- 2
  • Bread- 1 ( slice it in center to make two equal pieces)
  • Cheese- 1 slice ( 1 slice made into two equal pieces)
  • Pepper powder- little
  • Salt- as needed.


Break two eggs in a bowl. Sprinkle pepper and salt.
Add 1 tbsp of water and whisk it. Adding 1 tbsp of water makes the egg to spread evenly and the eggs get fluffier.
Heat 1 tbsp of butter in a pan. Spread the butter throughout the corners of the pan. Keep the flame in medium.
Start pouring the whisked egg.
It is spreaded evenly throughout the pan.
Slice a bread equally into two and keep it on the spreaded egg as shown above.
Reverse the bread immediately the other side so that both sides get dipped in egg. Cover the pan with a lid and cook it in medium flame till the egg gets cooked.
Once opening the lid. Turn the flame to low now.
Reverse the omelette now so that the bread gets to the bottom.
Keep the cheese slice on each side of the bread on top of the omelette as shown above.
Start folding the omelette on all the four sides covering the cheese as shown above like a parcel. The omelette sticks to the cheese. The bread slice is in the bottom.
Now just fold one slice of bread on top of the other. Ready.

When sliced into two.


  • The quantity of cheese can be increased or decreased. Shredded cheese can be used too.
  • Select a pan which is wide and big.
  • Select the type of bread you would prefer.